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Swagelok Cleveland

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Promotional Name Change

Swagelok Cleveland Sign

Swagelok Cleveland Promotional Name Change FAQ
Abbott and Akron Valve & Fitting Co. will begin using the promotional name Swagelok Cleveland. We’re gradually implementing this new name to demonstrate and help our customers understand our commitment to upholding and advancing the excellent reputation of the Swagelok brand.

What can we expect as a result of the new promotional name?
We are still Abbott, Akron, and Erie Valve & Fitting Co. and our service area remains unchanged. Our promotional name will not affect invoicing, accounts payable, our tax information, or any legal documents.  

As a result of the new name, we will answer the phones, "Swagelok Sales and Service." You will also begin seeing the new name and logo on all our marketing materials and website, as well as any quotes, orders, and invoices you receive from us. 

Who should we make our Purchase Orders out to?
We will accept Purchase Orders made out to Abbott, Akron, or Erie Valve & Fitting Co.
Who do we make our checks out to?
We will accept checks made out to Abbott, Akron, or Erie Valve & Fitting Co.

Please mail checks to the following remit to address:

P.O Box 632727
Cincinnati, Ohio 45263-2727