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Swagelok Cleveland | Columbus| Charleston

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

When You Need Purity, Trust Our Products  

Whether you bottle, package, pasteurize, sterilize, steam, or clean, we provide the fluid system solutions that consistently meet your operational, sanitation, and safety requirements. Find an exceptional range of EPA-, 3-A Sanitary Standards-, and ISO-compatible products that meet the needs of food, beverage, and dairy plants. Also find engineering, training, and advisory services that help you manage the pressures of maintaining a leak-tight operation. 

  • Access a large portfolio of sanitary fluid system products, including tube fittings, ACME thread fittings, valves, and more
  • Get prompt quotes and reliable delivery for special product fabrications, components, or skidded assemblies
  • Work with a supplier that continues to develop food-grade solutions that meet changing industry demands and higher pressure requirements, such as in the powdered milk sector

With more than 75 years of experience providing fluid system products and services across many industries subject to stringent oversight, we can help you reach your goals for process accuracy, workplace safety, and high sanitation levels